Monday, October 5, 2020

October Health Challenge: Dried Fruit

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 It is now the 5th day of the challenge.  Overall, it hasn't been as bad as times in the past when I have chosen not to eat sugar.  I am not sure what makes the difference, but it is helpful to have others doing the challenge with me and having to account to others.  

I made an apple crisp last Friday for our neighborhood outside get together, but there weren't enough apples so I had to make cookies as well.  I must say that is was hard smelling the cookies and not eating them, but I made it through the night and didn't eat any.  I ate more dinner than I normally would so I would be full as I watched everyone else enjoy the cookies and crisp, but I did it and that is what matters.  I told myself that I had to just last 2 hours and it would be over.  

As I was thinking of what kind of healthy snacks I could eat, I remembered a friend telling me about drying pineapple rings.  I did it a while back and they were really good.  You can find pineapple in its own juice, so you don't get the added sugar.  Fresh rings would be even healthier, but canned is more convenient.  

Image from Pixabay

Dried fruit typically contains a lot of fiber and antioxidants which are good for you.  It is a great substitute for chips, crackers, etc.  It is just plain good for you!  

For those who are joining us on this challenge, you can do it!  If you mess up, get back on track and keep going.  Look forward and not to the past.  I really do feel better.  

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