Friday, September 14, 2012

Conquer Cluttter: Recipes

Photo from A Better Bag of Groceries

I enjoy trying new recipes. When I see one I am interested in, I put it in my recipe binder until I get around to making it. Once or twice a year, I go through my recipes and get rid of the ones I am not going to try after all. They can stack up so easily, and I don't want a lot of recipe clutter. I would imagine that most of us probably use 20 percent of our recipes 80 percent of the time. The other 80 percent of recipes really don't need to be a part of your recipe book/binder if you have access to them on the internet. Just keep the tried and true that everyone likes. If you have recipe books that you only use a few recipes from, rip out the page or type it on a card and then get rid of the book.

In the next year, I will post recipes I like, but don't make often. I want to have access to them, but they don't belong in my recipe book if they aren't something I use on a regular basis. I am going to try not to print recipes as often, and just take my laptop to the kitchen to read the recipes I find off the internet that I want to try. This will save money, be more eco-friendly and won't clutter up my small shelf where I have a few recipe books and a recipe binder. Since I family is shrinking, I don't cook as much as I used to, our tastes have changed. Just like with clothing that we don't use any more, I am going to pass on the recipes I don't use any more. Link

For today, get rid of 10 recipes. Maybe doing this will get you motivated to do more!


  1. I just culled close to 25 recipes I had saved as bookmarks. I save them then never much do anything with 99% of them.
    So very relieving to just click delete & be done with it!

    1. Great job! I did about 20 yesterday. I have my recipes in a Word document and plan on deleting several more today. When I finish, I will reprint the 20 percent I want and get rid of the current pages I have. It was hard to put a few of them in the shredder yesterday, but we had not made them in a while and some weren't very healthy for us. There are so many good recipes on the internet, and copies of a lot of the recipes I have. I just need to find them and then I will shred some more, knowing I can go to the internet to find them if I want to make them. Did anyone else cull some recipes?

  2. I print out recipes, and they don't go into the display folder, but on a clip that hangs on a rail in the kitchen - I have try them before filing. Eventually, I bite the bullet with things that don't get tried.

  3. Good idea to keep them separated before they join the recipe book. I should try that. Thanks for sharing.