$50 Grocery Challenge

One of the big things we do on this website is the $50 grocery challenge. Both of the Spendwise moms have committed to only spend $50 a week on groceries. We will post the spoils of our shopping trip weekly, and will sometimes include a menu. We LOVE when other people link up to our website, and we'd love to see how your shopping trips went! 

Some people may wonder why we've selected $50 a week for groceries? Well, each mom has a different motivation: 

Mom #1: I could spend a lot more if I wanted to.  The reason I am doing this, is because I found out that the average amount of money in food stamps for a family of four was around $200-$225 per month.  I decided then that I would try to prove that a family of four could eat balanced healthy meals on that budget.  That is why I am doing this challenge.  I have saved a lot of money the past two years, and that is a nice benefit, but the real reason I did it was to show that someone could live on a welfare allotment and eat healthy meals.  We are down to three people at home now, but I am sticking to the $50 for now since I am used to spending that amount.  

Mom #2: Right now, my husband and I are trying to save money for something big: a home. We're really trying to live on 70% of our income. I had been using a similar budget when we were poor college students, but when my husband got a 'real job', we had the option of increasing our budget and eating 'better' or to keep it the way it was. We decided to stick with the $50 a week budget. It's so easy to just increase your expenses as you increase your income, and we're trying not to let that happen to us! 

If you want to know how we do plan out our shopping, look at this page. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!