Monday, October 5, 2020

Tender Mercies


It seems like our world has been in a lot of commotion this past year.  Sometimes it is hard to see the good when there are so many challenges around us.  In the evenings, we sometimes watch the recap of the NBC news, and I love at the end how they share a positive story about someone who has done something to bless others.  I wanted to share an experience that happened recently with me.

I have been visiting an elderly person on a regular basis.  I have had some concerns, because of COVID, but she is so lonely and it is so hard to say no to helping others that you care about.  We also needed a new car, which we thought would be all taken care of in the beginning of September.  It kept getting delayed and delayed and frankly I was getting pretty frustrated.  I told my friend I would visit her after I got the new, reliable car.  But, it wasn't coming!  There were a couple of times when I asked my husband to drop me off at her home while he had meetings.  But, each time something came up where I wasn't able to go.  My husband also had some meeting in Great Falls for a couple of days that ended up being changed to Helena.  Because of the change, I went with him to the meetings instead of visiting her during that time.  Long story short, she ended up getting COVID.  If all these things hadn't come up, or if our car hadn't been delayed, I would have been exposed. 

At the time, I was rather frustrated and wondering how there could be a silver lining in all of this.  But, if the car hadn't been delayed, etc. I would have gone.  Many times in our lives we have things happen that seem pretty frustrating at the time.  We only see what is right in front of us at the time.  And, we don't always see the big picture or understand how being late may have saved us from someone hitting us with a car, or something like that.  But, sometimes, we are fortunate enough to see the big picture and understand why all these seemingly negatives things kept happening for something good.  I feel like I had been protected over and over in this situation.  As I look back, it made me realize that I should step back when things happen that I don't really like or understand, and realize that there may be something else going on.  I do believe that there is a God, and that he loves us and that his hand is in our lives.  As we turn to him, he will bless us in so many ways that we are completely unaware of.  

Many of you have suffered this past year.  I hope that you will ponder and see if you can recognize a silver lining in your own life when things don't seem to be going well.

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