Name vs Store Brand

There are so many varying opinions on the differences between store and name brands. There are so many varying prices, too! We test certain items to see if there are any differences between the store and name brands, so you know what items are worth paying extra for. We will often include homemade recipes as an alternative. One we found particularly useful was the fruit snack recipe made from zucchini. Probably a lot healthier than the ones in the store, no matter what brand. 

Here are some of the items we've tested so far (note we link to our blog post about it, but the real results are found on the Dollar Stretcher Blog. I promise there won't be any more links once you go to the Dollar Stretcher, only results!):

Some of the results have been surprising. For example, we found that the Great Value brand of cream cheese tasted better than Philadelphia cream cheese! 

Anything you've been wondering about? Let us know and we can do the test. Contact us through a comment or email us at!