Wednesday, September 30, 2020

30 Days of Beans in September: Cheesy Beans and Rice

Today I tried to find something that was just easy to make.  I have tried several recipes from Damn Delicious that I have really liked, but this one was not one of them.  Don't get me wrong.  It is easy and tastes fine, but it isn't great.  But, if quick and easy is what you want, then you may want to try it.  It is so simple to make and get ready in no time.  

It has been fun to try a lot of different recipes with beans.  Some were fantastic and some weren't so great.  But, variety is nice and this has been a fun challenge.  Most of the recipes turned out well and we really enjoyed them.  The one thing I have taken away from all of this is that it really is easy to eat beans on a regular basis.  They are full of nutrition and there are so many good recipes out there to make with beans.

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