Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Health Challenge: No Sugar/Less Sugar

 It is a new month.  It is always nice to have a new beginning.  Instead of doing something with cooking this month, we finally decided to do a no sugar/less sugar challenge.  We would love to have you join us if you would like.  It isn't too late to start.  If you have already blown it for today, start tomorrow and continue with us for the rest of the month.  

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For many, October starts off the season of sweets and treats.  I have no idea what Halloween will look like in the middle of a pandemic, but in the past I had two schools of thought.  First, I would buy candy that I liked so if there was some left, then I would enjoy eating it.  Second, I would buy the candy that I hated, so if some was leftover then I wouldn't touch it.  I don't know what works for you, but when Reese's pumpkins come out, and all the other cute little packages of candy come out, it is hard to ignore them and abstain.  Especially, when you have kids.  They bring home so much candy, and of course you don't want them to get too much sugar so you help them eat it.  Anyway, once you get started in October, it is hard to be good in November and December.  One year, I tried not buying candy and we went out to eat as a family instead.  But, I felt like a party pooper and I didn't get to see all of the cute kids in their costumes.  

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So, for this month, we are doing a no sugar challenge for some of us, and a less sugar challenge for others.  Some will go without sugar all month and some will have a treat once a week.  It doesn't really matter which challenge you do, as long as you do something that works for you.  And, what you consider to be ok to eat is also something to consider.  For example, last night we stayed in a hotel and today they had muffins, yogurt and cinnamon rolls included with all the other breakfast things.  I didn't get muffins or cinnamon rolls, but I did get yogurt.  But, technically, yogurt does have some sugar in it.  So, does it count or not?  How about muffins?  What if you substitute pure maple syrup or honey in muffins?  Are they ok to eat then?  So many questions!  Each person has to make their own guidelines about what is allowed to eat.  

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We will try to give ideas of healthier alternatives as well.  For one, instead of buying or making a milk shake, why not try a yogurt smoothie or a smoothie with fruits and veggies?  They are definitely healthier than a milk shake with ice cream in it!  

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