Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Woman Dies From Dumpster Diving

There was a short article in the paper today about a 48 year old woman who was found in a dumpster behind a thrift store.  Apparently, she died from falling in and somehow the stuff inside the dumpster was too heavy and she couldn't breathe. 

I don't know all the details and certainly cannot judge the situation, but it made me think of how I spend my time and what things I do to save money.  What are you willing to trade to save money?  Some people are extreme couponers.  They spend 40 hours a week cutting out coupons and getting stuff for free or close to that.  Some give lots of food to food banks.  Some do it because they have no other way to feed their family.  Some do it just because they are hooked.  Is the time they spend worth it?  Maybe to some, but not to others.  Do you spend your time doing things that are consistent with your values?  Is the new car really worth a couple of years of your life working full time?  Is the expensive vacation really worth all the sacrifice to save up the money to go on?  Could you be just as happy spending time with your family at home going to sites that are close to where you live?  We all have different incomes and different preferences.  It is good to think about what you are doing and if it is really what you want in life.  If not, adjust what you are doing and make it more in line with your values. 

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