Thursday, April 11, 2013

Simple Ways to Save: Cut down on Meat

I made some green lentils and rice the other day.  I also had half of an andouille sausagein the freezer, so I put it in.  Everyone loved them, even though we are NOT lentil fans.  I wish I had written the recipe down.  It made me realize that it doesn't take much meat at all to flavor a legume recipe and seems to make the rest of the family much more interested in eating the legumes that way.  By buying less meat, we save a lot of money.  Beans are less expensive and they are healthier.  My plan is to figure out a certain amount of meat I want my family to eat in a given week.  Then I will buy that much, say a pound for example, and buy any kind of meat as long as it adds up to a pound.  For example, 1/8 lb. bacon, 1/8 lb. sausage, 1/4 lb. beef, 1/2 lb chicken.  I still get variety and will use it mostly for flavoring.  A lot of men like meat in their meals.  That's just the way it is.  But, this way you can make it a win - win where people get meat and you feed them a bit healthier meals by adding lots of beans!  A good recipe is also important.

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