Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simple Savings: Opt Out

Whether it is through catalogs, e-mails from our favorite stores or restaurants or advertising through the newspaper, we are bombarded with opportunities to be tempted to spend money.  Next time you get a catalog in the mail, DON'T LOOK THROUGH THE CATALOG!  Look on the back cover and call the store and ask them to stop sending you the catalogs.  If you take the local newspaper, take the ads and get rid of them before you even look and get tempted.  If you get e-mails from stores or restaurants advertising their specials, unsubscribe to avoid the temptation.  They wouldn't send you those things if they weren't successful in getting people to buy.

When you are at a store like Costco, consider skipping the samples.  We know someone who works there and they have said that they were surprised at the high percentage of people who buy the items that they sample.  One taste is all it takes sometimes. 

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