Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu for the Week - September 18 - September 24

I am taking a break from the Mediterranean food this week, and just having Hummus and Pita bread for lunches a few days. Since I am trying to cull down any recipes I don't use regularly, I am integrating them into my menus to see if they will stay in the recipe book or not.  This is our menu for this week:

Creamy White Chili and Potato Buttermilk Bread (new recipe)
Carol's Old Fashioned Chili and Cornbread
Spinach Pies and Greek Salad
Pasta al-Forno - because we have tomatoes, basil and oregano from our garden
Church Dinner - don't need to cook
Going out twice with Birthday coupons before they expire

For lunches, we will have tuna, egg salad, hummus, and leftovers

I am also going to make a different cracker recipe and an oat bran bread recipe to see if they stay or go.  I really like the Ritz cracker recipe the best so far out of the homemade crackers I have tried.  

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