Tuesday, September 6, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $48.62

We had some people come for dinner a few days ago and I needed a few things to make the dinner really easy. So, I started this week already having spent a good chunk of my weekly money.

I bought:

Watermelon for $5.53
Ice Cream for $2.50
Frozen Fruit Bars for $1.99
Yogurt for $4.00
Bananas for $1.72
Grapes for $4.38

The total for those equals: $20.12. I didn't realize I spent so much! Usually I don't buy ice cream but we had brownies and chocolate syrup so it was a very easy dessert for our guests. We have lots of frozen raspberries, so I bought yogurt to mix with them and eat. Yum! I didn't realize the watermelon and grapes would cost so much. I still can get the groceries I need for the week, but I will have to be careful to stay in my budget.

Eggs, tomatoes, red onions, shallots, basil (not shown) $2.00

1.79 Tilamook sour cream
1.50 Tilamook Kosher cheese
2.99 Orange Juice
2.39 Tilamook Italian Cheese
1.15 Dijon Mustard
1.59 Whipping cream
2.99 Tilamook Butter
.99 Bulb of Garlic - I thought this was expensive
.50 Cucumber
.33 Buttermilk
.56 Bananas
7.25 Pine Nuts - This was a huge shock. If I had know, I wouldn't have put pesto on the menu this week!

Total spent at this store: $26.42

Grand Total: $20.12 + $2.00 + $26.42 = $48.62

I may have to dig up some carrots from the garden if I run out of what I have for lunches. We will also have to have bananas, raspberries, watermelon and applesauce for fruits this week. It is only a week and will pass quickly. We will have some fun new recipes to try though!

How did your shopping trip go this week? Did you get some good deals? Did you stay in your budget? Link up and share!

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