Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conquer Clutter: Remove the Old to Make Way for the New

Image from E-How

You are probably wondering what tomato vines have to do with clutter.  As I was cutting back some older branches this morning and picking the ripe tomatoes, it made me think of how we also need to do that in our own lives.  We need to get rid of the old things or things that once were helpful, but don't work for us now.  By doing this, we make more space for new things in our lives.  By removing some tomatoes when you have too many small ones, it allows the other tomatoes to grow bigger.  If you have too much produce, it will rot before you can eat it all.  It needs to be eaten and then get more, and we repeat this cycle over and over.  We should remember the cycle of nature and apply it to our own lives in how we live and with the things we own.  Do you have obligations or material things in your life that you can remove?  Are there toxic people you can quit spending your time with?  Think about what you really want and who you enjoy being with and what you enjoy doing and take the steps to make your life to what you really want.

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