Saturday, January 7, 2023

Volunteer Simplicity: Taking Care of What You Buy

 I watched another video about a family of 5 that is trying to live zero waste.  One of the main things I got from this video is that we should be responsible for the things we buy.  This would be great if manufacturer's take responsibility for the things they produce as well.  For example, if they use plastic on their products, they are responsible for finding a way to reuse it or dispose of it in an acceptable way.  

How does this effect each one of us?  Instead of throwing something in the trash, what could we do?  Well, take your old stained shirt, for example.  You could wear it when you work outside.  You could also cut it up and use it for rags.  How about bags around veggies?  Bring your own or don't use a bag.  This also goes with using reusable grocery bags instead of single use plastic bags that usually get thrown in the trash.  There are places that take old shoes, old batteries, etc.  Maybe now is the time to look into what is available in our cities to see where we can recycle the things we usually throw in the trash.  

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