Friday, January 6, 2023

Voluntary Simplicity: Small Changes

 We were out of town for a few hours yesterday.  We have tried to do little things because each little thing is a step in the right direction.  Instead of doing a take out breakfast, we chose to eat at the restaurant and use regular plates.  I am using half a Q-tip for my ears instead of a whole one.  We didn't get a plastic bag when we went grocery shopping.   I used a regular dish cloth to wipe down some spills when it would have been much easier to use a paper towel.  I think the main thing is trying to get into the habit of doing things a little different.  Our grandparents didn't have the choices we have with disposable items so prevalent and plastic bags to bring their groceries home with.  They had a fulfilling life without them.  Trying to do the things our grandparents would do is going in the right direction.  It is so easy to build up a lot of trash these days.  It takes effort not to do that.  

This short video is about a family of 4 that has reduced their plastics and trash.  

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