Monday, February 1, 2021

Valentine's Day Ideas From the Kitchen: Bread

Making bread in the shape of a heart is one of the most inexpensive things you can do.  Everyone I know loves homemade bread.  First, choose the recipe you want to make.  If you don't feel like cooking, just get frozen dough from the freezer section.  I used a french bread recipe that I got when I was first married.  It works well for making any kind of bread you want to shape.  Once the bread has risen for the first time, punch it down and shape it into a heart.  You can just start with a blob of dough and shape it, or you can roll it into a snake and shape it into a heart.  If you are ambitious, you can even braid dough and then shape it into a heart.  I tried all of them.  When you shape your dough, do it on a greased pan or a cookie sheet with parchment paper on it.  You don't want to have to transfer it later to cook it.  Remember that the dough will rise and the heart make look different then you had thought it would.  You can also make heart shaped hamburger buns for a heart shaped hamburger or for a sandwich.  This is what my bread turned out like today:

Valentine's day won't be quite the same this year with the pandemic.  But, doing little things like this can help to make it a little more fun!  

Do you have any fun Valentine's things you have made?  Link up and share your ideas.

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