Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October Health Challenge: Think, then Do - Making Better Choices

 We had about 10 inches of snow last weekend.  The roads have been icy and I am getting cabin fever here at home.  Last night, we went out to get some gas and were going to go to get a Frosty for my husband.  He isn't doing the no sugar challenge, but he is trying to lose weight.  I didn't want him to sabotage his efforts without at least thinking about it.  Before going, I asked if he would rather wait until Halloween so it would feel like a treat then.  He thought about it, and then decided to wait.  Of course, I wasn't going to get one.  I am still doing the no sugar challenge.  I must say that I have missed just having a cup of hot chocolate on these cold nights.  One thing that has changed is that before just eating something, I find I take the time to think about if it is really worth it or not.  I also think about if I can wait until another time to make it more enjoyable.  Is there a holiday coming up or a birthday or an anniversary?  Why not hold out and make having a treat even more special that way.  Many years ago, I was told by some much older relatives that they only had meat and dessert on Sundays during World War 2.  They looked forward to their Sunday dinners because they were special.  With so many choices before us, we can usually have whatever we want without waiting.  But, how much more enjoyable it could be, if we were to make treats a special occasion instead of a daily occasion.  It is definitely food for thought.  

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