Friday, October 2, 2020

October Health Challenge: No Sugar/Less Sugar: What To Do When You Go To Social Functions

Image from Pixabay

 I made it through yesterday without eating any sugar, but maybe that isn't saying much since it was only the first day.  Today, we are getting together with several friends and are having a potluck dinner outside because of social distancing, etc.  I am bringing the dessert.  Perfect timing, with this no sugar challenge.  So, what will I do?  Here are a couple of ideas:

1.  Bring something that tastes good, but isn't your favorite.  I may make an apple crisp if I choose to do this one.  I can easily pass it by.  If it was chocolate, that is another story!

2.  Bring something you can eat.  I could bring a plate of fruit and a sweet dessert, so I am not just sitting there watching everyone else eat.  This way I have something that I know I can eat and enjoy.

3.  Eat a larger portion of dinner items so you are too full for dessert.  This might work for some, but when our kids were younger and were full from dinner, they always had room for dessert.  They said that they had a dessert stomach.  

4.  Leave early.  If you really can't handle it, and don't want to cave in, you could leave early.

5.  Realize that you only have 30 minutes to an hour and then your temptation will be gone.  Set your timer if you need to.  Use self control and know that you can do it.

6.  Ask your spouse or a friend to help support you.  Having an accountability buddy can really help.

7.  Eat an extra portion of something else like salad or veggies while others are eating dessert.  

8.  Carve some fruit, like the picture above, so that it looks so stunning that everyone will want to eat it instead of a dessert with sugar.

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