Friday, October 9, 2020

October Health Challenge: Just Because It Doesn't Have Sugar, Doesn't Mean You Can Eat As Much As You Want

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 Last night I made a really good pasta dish.  I mean REALLY good.  It didn't have sugar, so I was excited to eat it.  As I was eating, I realized that what I was eating had more calories than any dessert I would have eaten.  It may not have had sugar in it, but it still wasn't good for me.  

This reminded me of a party where someone announced to everyone that they were gluten free.  They were complaining to the hostess and making a big deal of things, even though they just decided to stop eating gluten.  It wasn't a medical reason at all.  Here she was shoveling handfuls of chocolates in her mouth because she was gluten free.  Well, you get my point.  Whether something is gluten free or sugar free, you need to be wise and careful regardless.  

I am hanging in ok.  On Sunday, I will be 1/3 done with the challenge.  I enjoy baking, but no use tempting myself if I can't eat it.  I hope this challenge will end up with some good results:  that I will feel better and lose weight.  

Hope things are going well for you if you are joining in. 

What things do you find challenging when trying to reduce sugar in your life?

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