Saturday, October 10, 2020

$100 Christmas Budget: Gifts From the Kitchen


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Garden Gifts

Homemade gifts from your garden produce can be inexpensive to make, yet very thoughtful as you spend the time and effort to make them.  There are lots of different things you can make:  jams, jellies, salsa, dried fruit, pickles, canned peaches, applesauce, dried herbs, homemade vinegars, etc.  You can even decorate the outside of the jar to make it look a little more festive as well.  Use ribbons and material or paper scraps from around the house and be creative.

No Cooking Needed:  Gifts From a Jar

Let’s face it.  Christmas is a busy enough time as it is without adding on hours of baking treats etc. to give as gifts.  If you don’t enjoy baking, or don’t have the time, this idea is for you.  Give a gift from a jar.  Layer the ingredients of your favorite brownies cookies, trail mix, etc. into a glass jar and type up the recipe to go with it so they will know what other ingredients to add and how long to bake it as well as the temperature of the oven.  If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Christmas, try making a pancake mix, cornbread mix, muffin mix, hot chocolate mix, etc.  You provide the dry ingredients; they provide the wet ingredients.  Easy for you, easy for them and everyone wins!

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Christmas Treats

For those who do enjoy baking, find some nice used containers (tins, glass dishes, Christmas plates, etc.) from garage sales or use those Christmas dishes you have stored in the back of your cupboard or in a box in the basement or find those mismatched dishes you still have but have wanted to get rid of.  You can usually find some very nice Christmas dishes at garage sales for 25 cents or less.  If you are lucky, you may even find some ones that are new!  Christmas treats may not cost very much, but put them on a beautiful plate and wrap them nicely and they are a great gift for friends, neighbors and coworkers.  

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Homemade Bread

I love to make bread.  It makes such a great aroma through the house as it cooks and tastes so good.  People receive so many sweets during the holidays, that it is a very nice and refreshing option to receive homemade bread instead.   It is also consumable, so you aren’t worried about giving a gift that people will feel stuck with and wonder how to regift without you finding out.  Another great thing about giving homemade bread is that it is inexpensive.  For many, homemade bread is a novelty, because there aren’t many people who make their own bread anymore.  Add a little jar of homemade jam or jelly if you want to ‘sweeten’ the gift even more.

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