Monday, October 12, 2020

October Health Challenge: Hanging In There

 Yesterday was difficult.  I really wanted some chocolate.  I have hardly done any baking so I didn't get tempted, but chocolate sounded good.  What could I do?  I couldn't have chocolate chips, and it was Sunday and we don't buy things on Sunday, so I was stuck.  I thought of a recipe I found a while back that was kind of like a pudding.  I looked up the recipe and they included maple syrup, so I couldn't make it.  I finally decided to try something:  cocoa powder, banana, frozen raspberries and vanilla.  I put it into a food processor and it came out like a soft serve ice cream.  Wish I could say that it tasted as good as ice cream, but I did get my cocoa fix and didn't have any sugar.  My husband had some, but he added sugar to his.  It wasn't great, but it worked.  

This is the 12th day, and I want to reach my goal.  I am sure there will be several more days where I just want to have something sweet, but I am going to hang in there and make it until the end of the month.  

Sometimes just making it through the day is a success!  

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