Monday, October 19, 2020

October Health Challenge: Go Watch A Movie


Image from Pixabay

Sometimes in the evening, you just want to go have a treat.  If you are careful about what you eat on a regular basis, that is no big deal, but if this happens every night, then it would be good to find ways to skip those extra calories.  When all else fails, watching a movie helps pass time until you go to bed.  I have used this as a last resort, but frankly if it is 500 calories or vegging in front of a movie, the movie is better in the long run.  Late night eating is one of the ways people tend to gain weight.  I try to do housework or read a book or something else, but if nothing else works, I will go watch something to pass the time and keep me from messing up my goal to lose weight or just eat healthy.  

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