Friday, September 25, 2020

Timing: Buying Things When They Are On Sale

 As I just finished a different post about timing, it reminded me of some of the sales at Safeway/Albertson's this week.  It isn't even Halloween, and they are starting some sales on baking items.  There are plenty of other websites that share information on sales, so I have tried to stay away from that on our blog, but it really makes a difference when you buy things on sale when you are on a strict budget.  I decided to take the things that are on sale and show the difference between paying for them at regular price and paying the sale price.  There are limits, which some complain about, but it is still worth it to buy them even if you can't buy as many as you want.  

Signature Brown Sugar:  Regular Price $2.69, Sale Price 69 cents (limit 2)

$2.00 difference for each one or $4.00 difference total

Crisco Oil:  Regular Price $4.29, Sale Price $1.49 (limit 4)

$2.80 difference for each one or $11.20 difference total

Signature 5 pound flour:  Regular Price $2.29, Sale Price 99 cents (limit 2)

$1.30 difference for each one or $2.60 difference total

Nestle Chocolate Chips:  Regular Price $3.99, Sale Price 99 cents  (limit 4)

$3.00 difference for each one or $12.00 difference total

Lucerne Butter:  Regular Price $3.29, Sale Price $1.99

$1.30 difference each or $2.60 difference total

Even if there are limits, most of these things are staples and you might as well get them for $17.24 instead of $49.64  or a savings of $32.40 which is a 65% savings.  So, it really does pay to shop sales, even though there are limits imposed.

Other items I also got offers for:

Free butter

50 percent of any Potato or Tortilla chips

50 percent off any Pasta

Some of these are better deals than others, but most of the things above are things that most people buy.  Yes, chips may not be a staple, but at that price it is worth buying for a treat!  

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