Friday, September 25, 2020

Late Bloomers: The Joy of the End of the Season Fruit


I was in the garden this morning and noticed these raspberries.  All the others are gone, but these ones were late in blooming.  I had forgotten about them, but as I was looking for other produce, I saw the red berries.  It is so wonderful to find some raspberries when you thought they were finished.  It really is exciting.  One more chance to enjoy the fruits of your labors.  

As I have thought of this, I have thought of people who are late bloomers.  They may feel bad because they are just behind a bit.  Others seems to get there first, be finished with tasks first, etc.  It is easy to feel like you aren't doing as well when you take longer.  I think as people age, and slow down, they may also have similar feelings.  So, for those who are still trying to figure out what to be when they grow up, or worrying about taking a bit longer doing things, think of these little raspberries and the joy they bring by being later than others.  So, bloom when you are ready!

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