Friday, September 25, 2020

30 Days of Beans in September: Red Beans and Rice


We lived in Louisiana for a few years before coming up here to Montana.  While I was there, I learned to make some really good Red Beans and Rice.  I didn't think any other recipe could come close, but I tried one that did.  This recipe is SO good.  I am going to make it from now on, with a few modifications.  Now that I have told you how great it is, I can't find the recipe.  It isn't on the website I thought I saw it on, and I don't have a print out of it.  I will have to try to find it so I can make it again!  I started typing in my browser on my computer and it came up.  I am glad it did.  I soaked the beans before making the meal and I also cooked them a little bit on the stove.  I am new at cooking with an instant pot and old habits die hard.  But, at least I found it again.  The spice blend is fantastic and it has a little bit of a kick like it should.  

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