Monday, August 3, 2020

Conquer the Clutter: Sell Your Clutter and Make Money

Let's face it.  We all have stuff around our homes that we don't need.  We dust around them, vacuum around them and they take up our time cleaning and taking care of them.  So, why not just let them go and save yourself a lot of time.  You will also be happier having an organized home where you know right where to look to find something.  And, you can even make a bit of money as well!  Some websites make it so simple.

So, how do I get rid of my unwanted stuff?  There are the regular ways like taking them to a consignment store or having a garage sale.  There is Craigslist, which you have to be very careful about.  You don't want to end up getting scammed.  

There are also places on the internet where you can box up your stuff and they pay the shipping and send you a check.  Pretty easy, if you ask me.  Here are a few of the top places to try:

1.  Decluttr:  They take mostly electronics, music, movies, and books.  You scan in a barcode and they give you a price right away.  They also take Legos by the pound.

2.  ThredUP:  Pack all your unwanted clothes that are in good condition into a box and send it off.  They do the rest.

3.  Sounds like they take toys and a variety of other items.

4.  Crossroads Trading:  Another clothing website.  They send a prepaid shipping label and you send your things to them.  The link takes you to the sellers guide which has more details.  They also tell you what things they are looking for.  

5.  Gazelle:  This is for old phones and electronics.  Shipping is free as well.

6.  Amazon Trade-in, Target Trade-in, Walmart Trade-in, Best Buy Trade-in, etc.

7.  Get cash for your gift cards you don't use.

8.  Selling Used Furniture   This article shares ideas on places online and close to home to sell your used furniture.  

Good luck with your decluttering and hope you can make some extra cash for Christmas or whatever you want it for.

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