Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Add Variety to your Vegetables Day 4: Zucchini

These are a few of our summer squashes from our garden this year.  We planted Golden Egg squash, Striped Zucchini, and 8 Ball Zucchini.  It is fun to try new and different varieties.  We had company lately, which helped to eat some of the squash.  I also froze a few bags of grated zucchini.  It will be so nice to have it this winter when it is freezing outside and the oven will warm up the house.

Those of us who have a garden are fully aware of the abundance of zucchini at this time.  Sometimes it is even hard to give away, since there aren't many brave takers out there.  


The easiest way to enjoy this great vegetable is to grill it.  Sometimes my husband will put some Cajun seasoning or Parmesan cheese or both on as well.  This takes much less work than making Zucchini bread or using the zucchini in a recipe.  


I made some Zucchini bites today.  They are easy to make and are a nice alternative to the sweet bread and cake recipes out there.  Only one problem...it is so easy to pop them in your mouth.  Before you know it, you have polished off a few too many.  They are definitely worth a try.  Little kids like them too!  

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