Saturday, August 29, 2020

Add Variety to Your Veggies: Green Beans


Our garden has produced a lot of green beans lately.  It is wonderful, but with all of the lettuce we have to eat, the green beans have had to take a back seat.  I can freeze green beans, but I can't freeze lettuce.  As I tried to think of recipes to try with green beans, I kept coming back to the old favorite that most people have on holidays:  the infamous green bean casserole.  It is so easy, first of all and is a great side dish to meals.  It doesn't matter if you have garden fresh, canned or frozen green beans.  They all work just fine.  You can use french style or regular cut green beans.  

The thing I did differently was to make my own onion topping.  Those french fried onions in the store cost so much, and a lot of times people pick them out.  Why waste the time and money if you don't like them?  You can skip them all together, or make a topping that sounds good to you.  I cooked some sliced onions in butter and then added some seasoned bread crumbs to them that I had on hand.  Besides saving a couple of dollars, they tasted better.  It is nice to have them freedom to switch things up when you make your own food.  So, here is my dish for the day:  green bean casserole with a twist of what I happen to have at home at the time.

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