Thursday, August 27, 2020

Add Variety to Your Veggies Day 27: Okra

A friend from Louisiana taught me how to make authentic gumbo, including roux from oil and flour. Her recipe did not include okra and I wanted to try making some gumbo with "slime" in it. I have fond memories of eating gumbo in Louisiana with the distinct texture and taste of okra. No other vegetable quite matches it. This recipe is the one I chose and it was wonderful. Much, much faster than the other gumbo recipe because this one does not have a roux. I swapped out 1/2 tsp of the salt for Tony Chachere's. I would've used more but I have to keep things mild for my kids. I added more Tony's to my own bowl once the gumbo was served. The shrimp and okra flavor make this a perfect, even healthy comfort food.

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