Thursday, August 27, 2020

We May Be in Hard Times Now, but Things Will Get Better

 We have a Romeo cherry bush in front of our house.  It is on the other side of the Juliet cherry bush.  No kidding: that is what they are really called.  I thought in honor of Shakespeare, that I would put one bush on each side and not together.  Anyway, back to Romeo.  The cherries aren't super sweet, but they are much better to eat fresh than the sour cherries.  A few months ago, our Romeo cherry bush had dozens and dozens of blossoms.  The whole tree was covered in white blossoms.  Then the temperature got below freezing and we ended up getting only about 6 cherries total.  Wow, what a difference!  

With the coronavirus this past year, many people who were doing well are facing really hard challenges.  It may be a job or it may be losing family members.  Whatever it is, it reminded me of my Romeo cherry bush.  This year it only had the six cherries, but there is next year.  Things will be better and I have hope for the future.  We all have setbacks at times, but what matters is that we just keep plugging away through them knowing that there is a bright future ahead of us.  It may not be next month or next year, but it is there in the future at some time. 

Wishing all of you who have had struggles the best from the gals here at Spendwise Moms.  

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