Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hand Sanitizer: Hard to Find and DYI Hand Santanizer

I have been doing online shopping with delivery or car pick up.  There have been some challenges, and one of them is getting hand sanitizer.  There are so many brands available now that weren't on the market before the pandemic.  People are trying to use the pandemic to get ahead.  I am all for Entrepreneurship, but it seems like some people are cutting corners and not making safe hand sanitizer.  For example, some are using methanol in their products.  Here is a list of ones that don't make the cut.  

Anyway, we have bought several different brands just because they were available.  From my experience, it just hasn't been a great thing.  One brand that said it was a hand sanitizer was just hand soap.  Another brand had such a bad smell, but maybe that helps to keep people 6 feet apart from you.  Another was so watered down and wasn't hand sanitizer at all.  The texture of the last one was ok, but it made our hands so sticky.  So, I have not had any luck at all.  I wish I could just get Purell and not have to deal with any others.  

Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds helps.  My husband just figures out who's birthday is next in line and sings Happy Birthday to them twice each time he washes his hands.  Maybe you could figure out your own quote to memorize or sing your favorite song.  What matters is that you wash your hands.  And, remember not to touch the dirty faucet with your clean hands.  Use your arm to shut it off.  There is a guideline here on cleaning and disinfecting for Covid.

For those who want to make their own hand sanitizer, here is a link.  Here is another one as well.  There are also youtube videos showing how.  I do not support or encourage you to follow any of these links or videos, but if you really are interested, there are ideas out there.  I don't know how effective or safe they are, but you can choose for yourself.  It sounds like it is best to just wash your hands properly and not use homemade sanitizer regularly.  I don't use hand sanitizer unless I absolutely need to.  And, when I do, I wash my hands as quickly as I can with soap and water afterwards.  

Good luck staying safe and keeping your house clean.  I find it a challenge and am probably not as vigilant as some.  There is always room for improvement.  The changes we have all had to make because of Covid have been a bit of a bother, but if it keeps us all safe, it is definitely worth it!  

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