Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Coronavirus Cleaning Days 21 & 22: Bedroom and Laundry Room

Yesterday I cleaned my room.  I thought it would take a while, but it went really fast.  There wasn't much to declutter and cleaning was a breeze.  That is one thing I like about having less stuff.  IT DOESN'T TAKE AS LONG TO CLEAN!  Unless you really enjoy cleaning your home, this is a real plus.  I had time to do several other things I wasn't planning on for the day.

Today I went through the laundry room.  Our laundry room is the first room you enter from the garage.  With the need to clean and disinfect more, I decided to do it again.  I bought some extra supplies back when we were on lock down since I didn't know what would be available.  I am set for a while.  One problem though, I had gotten lazy about putting things away after I used them, as you can see from my picture where there are several left on the washer.  I was glad I took things out and cleaned.  I got on a chair for the top shelf, and there was something that had spilled and left a stain.  You can't see it if you are looking up while standing on the floor.  I am glad I was able to find and fix the problem. 

How is your cleaning going?  Are you finished with your home?  How is the disinfecting going? 

Most of the house is finished for me.  I have the garage left though, and that will keep me busy for a few days.  I will just take it a little at a time. 

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