Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Coronavirus Cleaning Day 5: Guest Bathroom Drawers



Today I decluttered the drawers in our guest bathroom.  Instead of doing it all in one day, I divided it up into two parts.  I believe it is wise to keep an extra package of toilet paper in each bathroom as well as a few tubes of toothpaste, etc.  I don't know if it has been this way for you, but I can't count on getting what I want every time I go to the store.  I ordered 8 packages of beans last week and didn't get any.  Yesterday I ordered baking powder and they didn't have any.  So, having a few back ups is really a good idea so you will be covered until you can purchase what you need.

Since we don't use this bathroom on a regular basis, I didn't have to worry about going though any make up or partially used bottles of things.  It feels good to know what is in each drawer and what I need to write on a list for future purchases.

I would strongly encourage you to have extra items of the things you use regularly.  With the shut down in the past weeks, and many people not working, storing a few extras on hand can help to get you through if especially if your income drops or goes away.  Now may be a difficult time to start, but as things get better it would be wise to remember to do this.

It has been nice to do this challenge with the other Spendwise Moms.  We text each other every day sharing pictures and what we have done.

I don't declutter on Sundays.  That is my day off from work.  But, I will continue to declutter the other days until my home and garage is finished. It will take more than 30 days, but I will keep going drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf until it is done. 

The invitation is always there for any of you to join any time.  We don't have to be on the same day or declutter the same area.  Some of us live in apartments and some of us live in homes.  Some have young kids and some may live by themselves.  Whatever your situation is, adjust your decluttering to what works for you.  You can do it!

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