Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Better Choices

Most people who walk by the natural food/organic section of their store keep walking because the prices are so high and they feel like they can't afford it.  The better food you put into your body, and the better products you use on your body, the better it is for you.  Stop the toxins before they come in.  So, what is someone to do who is on a strict budget and wants to buy the best products they can.  There are some things you can do.

1.  Drink water.  You don't need any soda, organic sparkling water, etc.  Don't buy it.  Just drink water.  

2.  Use half or less.  Let's say that Seventh Generation dishwasher soap is about $6.50 at your local Target store.  Their store brand is about half that price.  Use half as much of the Seventh Generation and you are basically paying the same price to wash your dishes.  Your dishes will still get clean.  In fact, I use 1 to 2 Tablespoons of 7th Generation liquid dishwasher soap for a load of dishes.  I did this same thing with my laundry soap.  I buy a healthier alternative of laundry soap that is also free and clear of dyes and perfumes.  I buy one and it seems to last forever.  I used to spend a lot more money on household products than I do now.  I used to think that I couldn't afford the healthier alternative.  That's when I did the math and found a way to make it work.  I wash my hair every other day instead of every day now so I can afford to buy a better shampoo.  If  Method or 7th Generation or whatever good brand you want of hand soap is more expensive, water it down.  It will last twice as long.  If you really insist on using dryer sheets, use only half or one multiple times before throwing away.  There are better alternatives like dryer balls.  I haven't bought any dryer sheets for years.  Less money spent, fewer things to purchase and carry home, and less trash to send to the dump.  Gone are the days of tile cleaners and floor cleaners and bathtub cleaners.  Now I use vinegar, baking soda, Dr. Bronner's castile soap and I buy one bottle of Method all purpose cleaner per year.  The Dr. Bronner's soap is concentrated and I have had it over 10 years.  It is cheaper, healthier and we don't get sick as often.  We skip inhaling those toxic fumes that can't be good for you.  You are worth it.  Find a way to make it work.

3.  Let's get back to food.  Those of us who live in America have an epidemic of overweight people with lots of health problems.  So, buy the organic milk and drink half as much as you used to.  Buy it on sale if you don't want to reduce the amount you use.  Eat smaller portions.  Skip the chips, sodas, cookies and ice cream and eat more fruits and vegetables.  Skip the processed foods and make your own meals from scratch.  I have lots of ideas in my FREE E-Book.  Download and start thinking of ways you can eat better on whatever budget you have to work with.

4.  Skip it altogether.  There are some items that we simply can do without.  Figure out what they are for you and stop buying them.

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