Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Grocery Shopping: Take Advantage of Markdowns

Money used to be tight when we were raising our family.  For that reason, I learned all kinds of ways to save money at the grocery store, since the grocery budget was one of the few areas in the budget where there was some flexibility.  Now that things aren't so tight any more, I still have a weakness for a good deal when I find one.  There is a grocery store close to where I work part time.  I rarely shopped there in the past, but now that it is so close, I just pop in after work to get a few things since I am right in the area.  This store has the best markdowns in our area.  There is another store that does markdowns, but the produce is so disgusting most of the time and not fit to eat.  But, this store has mark downs that I am happy to eat.  Some of the bagged salads aren't even to their sell by dates when they are marked down.  The ones in the picture above had 2 to 7 days left before the sell date.  I am usually not a fan of bagged salads, but on my most recent trip to visit family, I had opportunities to try several kinds used by the people we stayed with.  I was surprised that shredded cabbage and kale could actually taste good with the dressing provided in the package.  When I found the same kinds of salads on a markdown, I jumped at the chance to have my husband try them.  I know they aren't as healthy as buying the produce, washing and cutting it yourself, but if it gets you to eat more salad and save money I still think it is worth it.  I usually pay 75 cents to 90 cents per salad kit that is marked down.  It includes everything you need and can be made in less than 5 minutes.  That equals between 35 and 45 cents per person for a whole meal.  The salad is plenty for the two of us for a meal.  I have also found organic produce marked down there as well.  A bag of produce is 99 cents.  Depending on what the produce is, I will buy some of those as well.  If carrots are bananas are on a 99 cent bag sale, I skip it because carrots bananas are regularly so inexpensive to buy.  But, if I see organic apples or oranges, I definitely buy them.  One thing to remember, if you are going to buy bagged salads, I would suggest that you ONLY buy them on sale.  The regular price is too expensive for what you get.  It isn't worth it.  You could buy the ingredients and make a much healthier salad.  But, if you can find a steal of a deal, go for it.  It will save you time and money!

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