Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mighty Nest Product Review: Swedish Dishcloths

Product: Swedish Dischcloths
Price: $5.99 each

Dries very quickly
Very absorbent
Textured cleaning surface
Attractive patterns

Much more expensive than regular dish cloths

These are my favorite product so far for a few different reasons. They are very stiff when dry, a trait I really like because they don't flop down into my sink. These are also really absorbent for their weight and size and they dry so fast! That is my favorite thing about them. I've had a problem for awhile with dish cloths not drying fast and starting to smell. I haven't had that problem at all with these. Both sides are textured to aid in scrubbing (though they're not quite as effective as a sponge). I'm not sure about how long they'll last: the website claims 9-12 months. Once they wear out I'll throw them into my compost pile. Until then, happy scrubbing!

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