Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Set Limits

Last Saturday, I went to 3 garage sales for the first time in a LONG time.  We are having guests in a few weeks and I wanted to pick up a few toys for them to play with.  Two of the garage sales had nothing I was looking for, but one had a lot of stuff.  It was hard to limit what I was getting when the prices were so good.  After getting the great deals, it was easy to want to go to more garage sales and get more things but we had decided ahead of time that we would only go to two or three at the most.  I think that going to garage sales as well as using coupons can be an addition in a way.  It is hard to stop and think rationally sometimes.  Before I went to get some toys, I thought of what I would do with them when our guests left.  If they wanted to take anything with them, I would send it.  If not, I would donate it to our church nursery or Goodwill or to a family I know that is struggling financially.  This way I was not adding clutter to our own home. 

Setting limits is a good thing.  Limit the amount of garage sales you go to.  Limit the amount of clothing in your closet.  Limit the amount of treats you make or buy.  Limit the time you spend going to garage sales or cutting coupons.  Limit the amount of money you are going to spend on certain things.  On one rare trip to Las Vegas growing up, I remember my father telling me that he sets aside a certain amount of money to play the slots.  When it is gone, he is done.  That way, he didn't get himself into trouble like so many do thinking that the next time they will hit the jackpot and little by little they lose a lot of money.   Going to garage sales or using coupons or making treats aren't bad.  They just need to be done in moderation and not let them take over our lives.  By setting limits, you can do things you want to do and not get carried away in doing them.

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