Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Master the Mess in a Month: Day 12

There are only 3 rooms in the house left and most of the stuff in them is not mine.  I cleaned out part of the computer room today for about 5 minutes.  We still have a couple of piles of papers on the bookcase and I may take some time to look through some files tonight and see if there is anything to get rid of.  I keep my ironing in the computer room closet, so that will be the bulk of what I do for this room.  Ironing isn't my favorite thing, but I am just going to plow through it and put it behind me.  I should be able to finish everything I can do by tomorrow.  Next week, I will try to work one day with my daughter on her room and on some stuff in our spare room that is hers.  Other than that, I am basically done.

I was going to go through the garage, but as the snow hasn't melted on the cars while they were in the garage the past few days, I am going to wait until warmer weather comes our way.  Maybe we can clean it out during spring break so my husband can be there since most of the tools in the garage are his.  It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to clean it out and sweep it all. 

I probably won't post anything until next week since there won't be anything else to post until then! 

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