Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homemade bread - A Simple Pleasure

Today is a cold, dreary looking day.  I decided to stay home and do some cooking and use up some things in my pantry.  I had some rye that I wanted to use and I also had some dry beans.  I am making a white bean soup, but it isn't finished yet so there is no picture.  I tried this Double Rye Bread recipe.  I also made a small loaf of cinnamon swirl bread at my daughter's request for breakfast tomorrow.  The cinnamon bread tastes good, and I would imagine the rye bread does too.

King Arthur flour has a great website with some fantastic recipes on it if you want to try something new.  I have been very pleased with the ones I have tried.  I also made some Pita bread to go with some hummus I made.  I took a picture of the pitas right after they got out of the oven.  Besides tasting great, I love to watch the pitas blow up like a balloon in the oven.  They really rose well today.  My daughter loves homemade bread and will be very excited to have it for a snack after school.

Cooking and creating something that tastes good is rewarding.

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