Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Simple Savings: Be Patient

Christmas is around the corner.  If you are buying gifts this year, you can sometimes save yourself money by just waiting.  For example, if there is something you have had your eye on in a store, ask if the item you want will be on sale any time soon.  You can also ask if there are any coupons available.  One of the department stores in our town occasionally sends out coupons for $10 off $25 or more.  I try to wait to get until the coupons come before I buy what I want, so I can use the coupon and get the extra discount.  Craft stores frequently have a 40% off coupon in the newspaper or through the mail.  If you wait a couple of days, you can get something you want for a lot less.  Before going shopping, check the internet to see if there are any special coupons or sales. 

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