Monday, December 17, 2012

$100 Christmas Challenge: Simple Decorations

Photo from Pink Roses and Tea Cups

Christmas will be next week.  Here a few simple decorating ideas I found online if you need to figure out something easy, inexpensive, simple and nice.   Think of what you have in the house use your creativity to come up with something nice like these. 

Photo from Botanical Paperworks

I have most of my gifts purchased.  (I bought gift cards for most of the people on my list with the money from selling things I no longer wanted, needed or fit.)  I also made some jam and got some free gift cards from a giveaway.  I have a list of what I sold here.  

Do you have any ideas of simple decorations?  Do you have any ideas of things you have done for Christmas to save money or have a debt free Christmas that you would like to share?  Link up and share!

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