Monday, August 20, 2012

$100 Christmas Challenge List

Picture from Christmas Cardology

I am going to keep a list of things I will be giving for Christmas. I will update and add things as I get them. When it gets closer to Christmas, I will choose who will get what.

$100 - Initial out of pocket money
$25 Olive Garden Gift Card - from credit card points
Night in hotel on the beach worth over $300 - from credit card points
$50 Olive Garden Gift card with credit card points
$25 Olive Garden gift card from credit card points
Homemade Raspberry Jam
Homemade Apple Butter

A couple of weeks after I committed to doing the $100 out of pocket challenge, I found out that I won a $250 gift card from the Albertson's Sizzlin Summer Sweepstakes.  I used the bulk of the gift card that I won to get the following:

Three $10 Cold Stone Gift Cards
Four $15 Olive Garden Gift Cards
$25 Red Robin Gift Card
$15 Subway Gift Card
Four $25 Amazon Gift Cards

Total of $230 FREE gift cards!!!!! I am excited.  That will take care of about half of the people I am getting gifts for.

My goal is to give gift cards or something consumable for Christmas.  That way I won't be adding any clutter to anyone in case they didn't like what I got.  All my kids love to go out to eat, and Amazon has a variety of things you can get with the gift card.  You can even watch movies that are hard to find.

$32.50  Sold items at a consignment store
$18.50 Amazon credit for selling 2 college books
$10.00 selling books
$125.00 books sold
$120.00  sold a piece of jewelry
$35.10  Sold items at a consignment store
$12.00 Sold items at a consignment store
$46.10  Sold clothes at consignment store
$10.00 Sold snow blower we didn't use
$48.15  Sold misc. items we didn't want
$75.00  Sold chaise, sled, REI jacket and baby chair

Money spent for gifts:

$10 Taco Bell gift card
$5  Used Thomas the train items
$9.28  + $50 Amazon gift cards from above that were free for Amazon order for Phonics books, Chicka, Chicka, Boom 3 pk. and Drum book
$25 i-Tunes gift card
$10 Little Ceasar's Pizza Gift card
$25 Red Robin Gift card
$14.54  Baby snacks
$20.96  Ties at Macy's

I set aside all the money in a separate place and used it for any Christmas gifts.

It can really add up!