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Halloween Treat Alternatives

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Halloween is around the corner.  As I kids, I loved Halloween.  We could go from house to house and get candy, a rare treat for us growing up.  I enjoy seeing the kids all dressed up for Halloween, but now that I am an adult with kids of my own, I would prefer to have my kids get something other than candy.  My kids were cooperative in keeping a certain amount and then donating the rest, but I still had to pay for dental bills, and a bag full of candy didn’t help that.  As an elementary school teacher many years ago, the kids would be bouncing off the walls the week after Halloween.  Here are some ideas of alternative things you can give instead of candy. 

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1.        Crayons – you can pick these up for a great price when they have “back to school” sales in July and August.  Some stores sell various school supplies for a penny or a nickel.  Stock up on sale items and save them for Halloween.    
2.       Stickers – Use the 40 percent of coupons at Michael’s and JoAnn’s to get stickers for a great price.  Save them for Halloween.
3.       Play Doh – Buy the tiny containers or make homemade Play Doh to give away.
4.       Have your kids go through their rooms and get rid of the things they don’t want.  Put them in a big bowl and let the Ghosts and Goblins choose something when they come.
5.       Pencils – Give Halloween pencils or buy pencils at the “back to school” sales and save for Halloween.
6.       Give food items – Granola bars, Boxes of raisins, Single serving items like Goldfish crackers, Fruit leather, nuts, gum etc.
7.       Give cheap plastic rings, etc. from places like the Oriental Trading Company.
8.       Give money
9.       Trading cards – buy a package and divide them up and give them instead of Halloween candy.
10.   Bubbles – lots of fun for all ages.
Halloween is a fun holiday for kids. Make it a better by giving kids alternatives to candy that are better for them.  Always keep in mind the ages of the children and be wise about what you give to kids who come trick or treating.  Another thing you can do is to have a Halloween party instead of trick or treating.  Enjoy your family, enjoy the holiday and make it as you choose healthier alternatives. 

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