Thursday, September 20, 2012

Conquer Clutter: Reduce What You Have

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SHAMPOO:  How many bottles of shampoo/conditioner/body wash/soap do you have in your bathroom?  It is harder to clean a bathroom with lots of stuff all over it.  What's the solution?  Try buying a product that does everything:  a body wash/shampoo in one bottle that is good for your body and your hair.  I used to buy Irish Spring and Old Spice body wash, etc. for my husband, but I will have less bottles in the shower if we both share and I buy only one kind that both of us can use.  Do you have half used bottles of lotion, shampoo, etc.?  Try putting them together or using them up before you buy more.   Do you have a lot of free samples or hotel shampoos and body wash?  Save a couple if you travel, since you can bring them on a plane.  Also, it takes up less room if you are going on a short trip.  Use up the rest of your free samples before you buy any more or donate them to a homeless shelter or other place of need.

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PHONE BOOKS:  How many phone books do you have in the house?  We used to have a couple of phone books several years ago, but I try to keep only one in the house now.  When a new one comes, I recycle the one I have.

WARRANTIES/MANUALS:  Do you have warranties or manuals for things that you no longer own?  Go through and pitch anything you don't own any more.

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COINS:  Do you have coins hanging around the house?  Why not take them in and deposit them in the bank?

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MAKE UP:  How much make up do you have?  Do you wear it all?  How long have you had it?  Maybe it is time to replace some of what you have or get rid of things you don't wear.  You will have more room in your drawer that will make it easier to find the make up you enjoy wearing regularly. 

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