Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hiding The Stuff You Want To Get Rid Of

I saw an idea on another blog that said to use Black trash bags so your husband and kids don't know what you are getting rid of.  This helps avoid the challenge of them finding something that they suddenly decide that they can't live without.   


  1. There is some good & evil with this option. Wield this power carefully as it could be both powerful & successful as well as destructive & underhanded. Either's got some potential.

  2. I have to take trash from my room at my mom's place and toss it at my MIL's. I can't even walk out with black trash bags, my mom will panic.

    I do agree though that for most people this could be good and bad. Apparently with young kids it can end up traumatizing them into hoarding later in life if it happens on a grand scale in their youth. For adults it may not be a bad idea at all. For kids though, I think putting stuff in bags where they can't see it for a while and telling them about it helps them realize what they do and don't miss.

  3. When I wrote this comment, it wasn't with the idea of trying to be underhanded. When kids are young, parents can tell which toys they use and which clothes fit, etc. I see nothing wrong with them sifting through the unwanted items and getting rid of them. The black trash bag would be a good idea so they don't see them and suddenly throw a tantrum for something that they don't use anyway. When kids are older, it is good to include them in decisions. If they want to keep everything, you can give them a choice between two things: the one you know they will want and one that you know they don't use that you want to get rid of. As for husbands and teenagers, I think it is good to include them in the decisions. But, there are occasions when a favorite shirt might have stains or holes. I will usually help find something to replace it first, and then do some negotiating to get rid of the one you would prefer that they don't wear in public. I have thrown things away on occasion that no one uses or even knows is in the house anymore. I have found that my husband and teenagers are not as enthusiastic to go through their things as I am. I just need to be patient and find little bits of time to do a drawer here or a shelf there with them. We may just go through shirts one week or socks another week. But, once the things are ready to go, I think it is a good idea to put them in a black trash bag so they don't think of some use for them if they see them again. I personally don't have dark trash bags and get rid of the stuff pretty soon after I go through it so this isn't a real problem for me. I find that it is easy for me to also take back things at a weak moment if they are just left around the house. So, the best solution is to get them out of the house as soon as possible!