Monday, June 11, 2012

Remove Things ASAP

After some comments about the black trash bag idea I just wrote about, I decided to include this post.  After decluttering, get rid of things promptly so you aren't tempted to put them back in a weak moment of feeling frugal.  When people leave things around the house that they are planning on getting rid of, it is easier for them to find their things returning back to where they started before they were decluttered.  If you are having a garage sale, then maybe it would be good to use the black trash bags and then send your husband and kids out to eat while you take care of the sale.  I choose to donate my things, because I look at it as an opportunity to give back to those who may be in need.  That doesn't mean my way is right for everyone.  Selling your things and using the money to replace things you need is a wise thing to do.  Using the money from a garage sale to stock up your pantry is also a good idea, especially with the economic concerns in the world today.  Using the money to go on a trip with the family is a way to make good memories.  Using the money to pay a bill if you are struggling or to just put the money in the bank and save it are both good ideas.  Each of us are in different situations and need to do what is best for us in our situation.

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