Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Why Not Give It a Try!

Each year, new people try the Food Stamp Challenge. This year, the amount is up to $31 per person for a week. Frankly, it seems like a lot of money to me, since I spend much less on a regular basis, but it is worth trying for a week if you haven't so you can get an idea of what people on Welfare go through. Here is a story of someone who did it very recently. If you try it, write down your experience and e-mail it to me at I will be happy to publish it so others can have a chance to read it. Here are some experiences of others from who have tried it in the past if you are interested. If anyone wants to try it next week and wants someone else to do it with them, I would be happy to join. It would mean that I could spend twice as much as I normally do for the four of us!

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