Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keep a List of What You Need

As I was going through some closets today taking a mental inventory of what I have and seeing what I need, I wrote down the things I need to replace at some time in the future.  When you are decluttering, it is a great time to start a running list of these kinds of things so you will have it available when you have the time to go shopping and have the money to replace them.  Clothes get stained or don't fit any more, food gets eaten, and linens get worn or stained.  By keeping a list, you can avoid buying things that you don't really need.  I do my shopping for household items once a month.  I go through the cupboards and drawers where I keep household items that may need to be replaced and write down what I need before I go to the store.  If I run out of something before it is the next budget period, I will write it down and buy it on my once a month trip, too. 

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