Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I usually love my ugly nightstand

I probably have the ugliest nightstand ever- and before you start picturing something like this:

Let me assure you, it's worse. Here is what mine looks like: 

It's a lovely microwave box with a paper box on top, and it has the important function of holding my decluttering book, kindle, and book light. The bottom shelf is great for holding a glass of water at night, especially if you put it towards the left edge so it isn't as likely to get knocked over.

I could get a REAL nightstand (used) for less than $10, and it would probably greatly improve our room! I wouldn't have to look at a paper box and a microwave that just sit there every time I get into bed and wake up in the morning. Why don't I?

First, we are trying to save as much as we can towards our house. We don't really have a 'furniture' budget right now, but I anticipate we will in the future. We've decided that it doesn't make sense for us to buy any nice new furniture until we are in more permanent housing. Some days I hate it, but most days, it reminds me of our ultimate goal. 

Second, if I were to get another nightstand, I don't know where I would put my microwave or paper! My microwave is a great appliance, and we anticipate we will need it in the next few years, so we have decided to keep it for now. And we use the paper for printing, etc.

Third, it works. It's the right height and I like having two little shelves. It's not something I will show off to anyone- it is safely hidden in my room for a good reason. But, if I have something that already works, why change it? 

I would imagine that not everyone out there could live with such an ugly nightstand by their bed. But, I'm sure there is something in your house that qualifies as your 'nightstand': something you wish you could replace, but since it works, and replacing other things is more important, it just stays there. 

I am curious- what is your 'nightstand'? Please leave a comment!  


  1. We are currently using two metal trunks (a smaller one on top of a larger one) to make a working height surface for a home photocopier/fax machine. It works pretty well!

    My portable sewing machine lives on the dining room table. This is probably pretty common unless a person is lucky enough to have a sewing room. I always dreamed of having a sewing stand, but at this point I am trying to declutter, not add more stuff to my house.

    Your "nightstand" is functional and frugal and helping to achieve your goals. How many pieces of real furniture can say that? :)

  2. I had a laugh at this post! :) It reminded me of our bedside tables when we were first married. We also had boxes, but they were covered with sheets in a vain attempt to make them look better :) Hey if it works and you're happy with it, why change it? :)