Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simple Savings: Be HAPPY!

I read this article today- and thought it was a good reminder about focusing on things that really matter. I also thought about how it applied to my financial situation...you may be wondering from the title about how being happy could save you money? Keep reading (but keep in mind that this is based on my own experiences)

Have you ever noticed how much more money you spend when you feel sad, depressed, poor, really tired, or even a little angry? Last week, I was having a really bad day when I went grocery shopping. The result? I didn't feel like making or using a list, and I spent $90.00 on groceries...buying things I wouldn't normally buy because I felt like I deserved something to make me feel better. Luckily, I didn't go too overboard, this time. But it has happened before. Then, when I get home, I feel guilty for spending so much money. If this happens a few weeks in a row, I decide I am just going to give up on budgeting for the month, and there goes our money. I spend a lot more than I planned, and that is just on food!

I think when we are happy, we don't care about keeping up with the Jones, or having a perfect looking living room. You don't buy chocolate, shoes, or whatever your outlet may be to help yourself feel better. You feel happy with your situation, and that translates into savings!

I am going to try to take one of these to heart this week, and see if it can help my attitude, and maybe even it will translate to my budget! My tip of choice? #6....complaining. Complaining about not wanting to make dinner, complaining that I can't go buy whatever I want to, and complaining about all of my pregnancy woes. Wish me luck!

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